A Promise to My Daughter In Law

If you have been reading here for any length of time, you know that we have been greatly blessed with our first grandchild. Zeke is now four months old, and the joy and delight of our whole family.


Wearing a shirt I bought him that says, “Don’t blame me. I was born awesome!”
I have eagerly awaited becoming a grandmother for a while now, and it truly is amazing!! Holding this little guy and making him laugh; snuggling him; rocking him to sleep and holding him until he wakes up; seeing him smile as soon as he sees all his aunts’ and uncles’ faces (because after all, they aren’t much older than him); changing his diaper; staying with him while his Mommy and Daddy go on a date…all of it has just been wonderful!
Asleep in my arms this past Friday afternoon.

Last March, some sweet friends of Heather’s had a lovely baby shower for her. It was held in a carriage house apartment in Savannah, Georgia. The day was very rainy, but the atmosphere inside that home was warm and cozy. Heather received so many nice things that day for Zeke. It has been such fun seeing him dressed in some of the cute outfits.

As the day approached for the shower, I wanted to do something special for Heather and Michael.  Heather was my very first daughter in law, and we have a very special relationship. I wanted to give them something that would assure them of my commitment to their baby, but would be an encouragement to them as well. That morning, after I wrapped the gift I had purchased for Zeke, I sat at the computer and wrote a letter.

After all the gifts were opened that day, I asked the hostess if she would please read the letter aloud to Heather. I wish I could have done it, but I am a bawler. Truth be told, I cried when the sweet hostess read it. After the shower, one of Heather’s friends asked for a copy of the letter, so she could do something similar when her own daughters were expecting babies.

It made me think that maybe you would like to see it as well. So if you like it, feel free to take it. It isn’t copyrighted or anything. And the sentiments expressed are some that I think mothers should at least think about, even if they aren’t willing to promise to do them. Here’s the letter in its entirety…

Dear Heather,
Inside this package is a tiny gift for a tiny person. It is just a small, tangible reminder of my love for baby Zeke.

The larger gift I have for him cannot fit inside any package. It is a lifetime of encouragement, wrapped with love, and sealed with a promise.

I promise to be a constant source of encouragement for Zeke for the rest of my life. I will affirm him, encourage him with Scripture, and help him in any way he needs me to. My home and heart will always be wide open to him… any hour of the day or night; any day or night of the week, of the month, of the year, for the rest of my life. He is welcome here. Always.

I promise to affirm you and Michael as parents, and I promise not to undermine your decisions regarding Zeke. If you want advice, ask, and I will always do my best to help you. But don’t expect unsolicited advice. I promise not to offer it.

My arms are always open for hugs; my kitchen is always open for good food; my heart is always ready to encourage and help you as a Mom.

Heather, you are such a part of our family… like my very own daughter. You can count on me to help you whenever you need it.

This MayMay is so excited to meet her very first grandson!! And I promise to be the very best grandmother that God will enable me to be.                                Love,


My first baby with his first baby.