Grace to Teach Geometry

Grace to Teach Geometry

One of the questions I hear being asked of homeschoolers a lot is some form of this:

“How do you expect to be able to handle their high school courses?”

“What will you do about upper level courses, like Math and Foreign Language?”

I have heard those questions myself, in different forms, but always the same idea. It’s always couched in “nice” talk, but at its core is the doubt that I am capable as just a Mom to teach what my children need to know. I mean, I have no college degree; I have no career teaching experience (except my 19 years of teaching my children at home); I am not a math expert by any stretch of the imagination; I am not fluent in any foreign language; I didn’t take chemistry; I only passed Geometry myself because a bunch of us math dummies cheated off of the smart freshmen in our sophomore class.

How’s that for refreshing honesty? Not much of a resume’ for teaching geometry, is it? And yet, for the past dozen or so years, I have been teaching geometry as my children come to it in their education.

Does it still scare me? Yes. Could I sit down and do all the problems in the geometry book? Um, no. Not unless I can find a smart freshman somewhere…

And yet, God has seen fit to allow me to teach five children, so far, how to find volumes of all sorts of figures, surface areas, blah blah blah. See? I don’t even know the language. That’s how I know it’s grace that makes it possible.

Just this week, I had two ninth graders who needed help with geometry. I cringed when they kept asking me to help them. They had actually been asking for a couple of weeks, and I am ashamed to say I kept putting them off. So they just skipped the harder ones and kept going. But the time had come. It was time to face my doom face the geometry program. We stuck in the CD.

I sat at the desk with the book open in front of me. And for the umpteenth time in my years of homeschooling, I sat there and watched God act on my behalf. We pulled up problems that they didn’t understand, and somehow, supernaturally, I explained to them how to do them. We worked through problem after problem, and the light bulb began to click on for both of them. As for me…yeah, not so much. At the end of it all, I couldn’t have worked a single one of those problems. Maybe by the time I teach geometry to the last child I will understand it. Maybe not.

Over the years, I have been utterly in awe of how God steps in to fight these types of battles for me. Because He has called us to homeschool, and has called me specifically through my husband to be the children’s primary teacher, His glory is at stake here. I am not shy about telling people that homeschooling is a calling for our family. Ever heard the saying, “God doesn’t call the equipped; he equips the called.”? I know it’s kinda’ cheesy, but it’s true!! When He calls, He promises to provide all we need to comply with the call.

Does that mean it will be easy or come naturally? Not from my experience. I still dread the next child going through geometry…and there’s four more after her!!! But I do know this: He has called me to it and He will bring me through it. Cheesy again, right? Sorry.

There are times in my children’s education that they will have to learn things that their Mama isn’t good at. But the fact remains- I am their Mama. God gave them the Mama they needed. And He will equip me to meet their needs, whether that is feeding them, buying clothing, giving them medicine when they’re sick, laughing at their jokes, disciplining them, or teaching them geometry.

People don’t question my ability to feed my kids. Maybe they would be horrified to know how often we do pancakes for supper. But no one questions my ability. Nor do they question my ability to teach them to tie their shoes, get dressed, address a letter, sing hymns, or a thousand other things mothers do. It’s just the stuff that society has decided takes an “expert”. Someone “certified”.

Dear friend, if God has called you to homeschool, you have all the certification you will ever need. The King of the universe is on your side. He will fight for you!! You will find yourself doing things you never thought you could do. And when you finish teaching the lesson, you will sit back and think to yourself how utterly amazing God is. You will be absolutely awestruck with what He can do through you when you are a willing, obedient vessel.

So don’t be afraid of geometry, Spanish, or chemistry. When the time comes, He will give you what you need. It might come in the form of a tutor, or a co-op, or a computer program like we use. But it will come. Wait on Him. He loves to surprise His children with wonderful gifts!

 What subjects are you most afraid of having to teach someday? Has God stepped in and met a need like this in your homeschool?