10 Pain-in-the-Neck Jobs with Big Payoffs

       During a recent top to bottom kitchen clean,I started thinking about certain jobs, that while a pain to do, bring with them big results at the end. I very quickly made out the following list of some of them.

  • Putting clean sheets on the bed. UGH. Ugh ugh ugh. This is my least favorite job ever. But boy, oh boy!! Climbing into bed that first night with those tight, clean, sweet-smelling sheets…BLISS. And if they can be hung out to dry? Oh so much BETTER!!!
  • Cleaning out the refrigerator. UGH again. I try to straighten things up once a week, and clean it out completely every other week. One shelf at a time, wiping and dumping as I go. And when I’m all done, I open it every few minutes for two days just to see it gleam. Sweet satisfaction.
clean refrigerator

Really, I kinda’ hate to put the food back when it looks like this.


  • Cleaning out the………………car. Okay, I admit it. I pay a kid to do this one. Even One Faithful Mom has her limits. Moving on…
  • Mopping the kitchen floor. Rats. A kid does this job too. But I have a good excuse reason!! My hands swell to twice their normal size if I even touch a mop or broom. True story!! But I do love seeing a nice clean kitchen floor…for the 10 minutes it lasts before boys come in with muddy boots and pockets full of dirt.
  • Cleaning the bathroom. Wow, this post is really going South on me pretty quickly, because the kids do this one too. And I actually have a couple of kids who love to clean bathrooms. And I’m all about keeping my kids happy and fulfilled. I mean, what Mom isn’t thrilled when the toilets go from gray to sparkling white? Wait…is that just us? Oops. (make note to assign bathrooms more often.)

    of COURSE that's not my bathroom!!

    of COURSE that’s not my bathroom!!

  • Cleaning out closets. Ahhh, yes. A job I actually do!! I am fairly ruthless about getting rid of things, so this job isn’t too big of a pain anymore. Well, except for all those craft items, and the stuffed animals the kids don’t want to sleep with anymore but also won’t let me get rid of either. Just don’t look over at hubby’s side of the closet. I am not responsible for that. I just cleaned my closet out the week after Christmas, one day when I was supposed to be working on this blog. Can you say, “Procrastination”? It felt good to get all that stuff rearranged. And now? I can actually walk into my walk in closet!
  • Ironing. When my Grandmama was still alive, she lived next door to us. And she did all of the ironing for our family of 12. She loved it! She passed away almost 5 years ago, and we have been in danger of drowning in wrinkled clothes ever since. Theoretically, it is my oldest daughter’s job to iron the clothes. The key words there are theoretically and oldest daughter. Yeah. Ain’t happening. So we keep throwing them in a laundry basket until I get fed up, which takes about 2 months, and then I make her iron until she can’t stand up anymore. Not really. Just until she begs for mercy. (insert evil laugh) And when all our closets are overflowing with those freshly ironed clothes, I feel like a good mom. That pile is nothing compared to ours.
That pile is nothing compared to ours.


  • Cleaning/reorganizing the pantry. We are very blessed to have a large, walk-in pantry. And we are also doomed because of it. It can hold so much stuff that it is awful. I pile it full of groceries just so the kids can throw it all on the floor and leave the bread and bagels wide open and leave  empty boxes of everything still sitting on the shelves so you are fooled into thinking there is actual food in there. About once a year, I empty the whole thing out, wipe down the shelves, replace any contact paper that needs replacing, and put everything back in a better state than it was. Excuse me? Did you just laughat my contact paper?? Hey, if it was good enough for Grandmama, it’s good enough for me.
  • Putting away Christmas decorations. This is one job I have never asked the kids to help me with. Undoing Christmas is Mom’s job around here. It’s depressing, and nobody wants it to happen. One day in early January, I just start taking things down and putting them away and the kids get all sad eyed on me. I send them outside to play, and I just keep plugging away at it. And when the tree is finally outside and ready for a bonfire, and the room shows fresh vacuum lines, I sit down and enjoy the empty feel of a room that just two weeks previous was a madhouse of wrapping paper and batteries and toys and stockings and people and craziness. Whew! It feels so good!!
putting away christmas decorations

where my mind is when I’m putting the stuff away…

And last, I give you the worst, most stressful, most high blood pressure inducing, most “wanting to bang your head into a wall” job ever known to womankind.      *drumroll please*


Putting the rugrats curtain climbers crumb grabbers sweet babes……….TO BED. I hear the screams of women everywhere, I do.

no bedtime

I am almost afraid to even write about this topic. It is the worst time of the day. I have often wondered aloud to my husband why bedtime has to come at the end of the day. I mean, let’s think this through. If bedtime came at say, 10:00 in the morning, I would totally be up for it!! But by the time I have made food, done laundry, cleaned messes, refereed fights, unstopped toilets, gone grocery shopping, answered a GAzillion questions, taught math, done reading lessons, and the million other things a Mommy does every day, the last  thing I want to do is deal with a bunch of short people who have no need or desire for sleep. I mean really!! Why don’t they need sleep??

But when they’re all asleep…Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I can hear you breathing a deep sigh of relief. Just don’t bring out the chocolate or ice cream too soon, because you know they’re listening. One tiny rattle of a candy wrapper, and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by those same short people again…and then you have to get them all.back.to.bed.

So yes, bedtime is the clear winner in the horrible job competition. #1 in my book of things I’d rather never do again thankyouverymuch.

Okay, I’ve given you my top ten jobs that are a pain with big payoffs. Now, I’m curious….

What jobs are on your list?