Aprons Don’t Make You Holy

Sometimes I decide I need an apron.


It hits me about once every couple of months. I read a post somewhere, or see a picture of a cute apron, and I decide I need one. Or two. I have asked for them for Christmas, to no avail. Nobody has given me a cute apron. And today, I started wondering why I want an apron so much. I mean, I own aprons. I own half aprons, full aprons…but they aren’t cute. They’re…plain. And I wondered if maybe I think a cute apron will make me want to do my work more. But honestly, I doubt it would help.

Aprons don’t make the work easier. And the cutest apron in the world won’t make me a better homemaker.

I think we like to believe that things will make us behave the way we ought. It’s not true though.

  • Aprons won’t make you a better housekeeper.
  • Expensive curriculum won’t make you a better homeschooler.
  • New dishes or pots and pans won’t make you a better, or more enthusiastic, cook.
  • New clothes won’t make you skinnier.
  • A new blow dryer/flat-iron/curling iron won’t make you want to keep up with that 45 minute hair style.
  • A new washer and dryer won’t make you more enthusiastic about laundry.

Isn’t it just like us though, to think that if we just had the latest and greatest gadgets, we would do our work with great enthusiasm and vigor?

Every December, I buy a new planner for the upcoming year. Now when I buy my new planner, I sort of automatically assume that this planner is going to organize my life for me and cause me to do all the things I should. And do them better. I get all excited about writing things down in there, figuring that I’ll be just as excited in three or four months. And y’all know what happens, right?

Three or four months down the road…I don’t even know where the planner is. Forget it helping me to be more organized or more efficient. I can’t find it.

The same thing happens with new Bible studies. I get an awesome study that I can’t wait to do…and pretty soon I am suffering enormous guilt because I faithfully did the first ten days and then dropped it in favor of something else. Ugh!! Why do we do this??

I think we’re always looking for that “secret ingredient” that will make us a better person. Deep down inside, we know that there are things about ourselves we need to change for the better. Whether it’s a bad habit or a deep character trait, we really do want to make the changes necessary to get on with our lives. But we have such deeply ingrained ruts in our minds that it seems impossible to break out of them sometimes! So we look to the latest greatest gadget to change us.

But let me tell you something.

A gadget never changed anyone.

It’s true that we can use “things” to help us in our daily work. A new washer and dryer are wonderful if the old ones are not operating properly. But if it’s me that’s not operating properly, then new machines won’t fix that.

I need to be fixed on the inside. I only know of one thing that can do the kind of work I need done.

God’s Word. Romans 12:2 specifically, says, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is; that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

See, I don’t really need a cute apron. What I need is to be transformed. And all the planners and Bible studies and gadgets in the world can’t do that for me. Only God’s Word can do it. And only if I spend the time necessary to know it. The question is, will I?