How To Have Clean Bathrooms Every Day

    You can probably imagine what having ten people in a house does to the bathrooms. Does having clean bathrooms seem impossible? Let’s talk bathroom business today.

We currently have only two bathrooms, and one of those belongs to the eight kids we still have at home. Of those eight, four are boys. Ah, now you understand what I’m talking about!! Moms, that bathroom gets gross really quick. And of course, when their’s is full, they go to mine…so you see the problem. But that’s okay, because I am here to offer you an easy and quick solution!

All you need to do is to break your bathroom jobs up into days. Here’s what our bathroom schedule looks like right now.

Mondays- mirrors, sinks, toilet seat and rim, countertops.

Tuesday- entire toilet from top to bottom and inside, sinks, countertops

Wednesday- cubbies, cabinets, sinks, toilet seat and rim, countertops

Thursday- tub, sinks, toilet seat and rim, countertops

Friday- floor, sinks, toilet seat and rim, countertops

Saturday- sinks, toilet seat and rim, countertops, and anything that needs doing

Sunday- nothing (pick up your clothes from the floor if you have any)

That’s it! I tried to assign jobs to match the first letter of the day of the week so it would be easy for the kids to remember which job to do on which days. So you have mirrors on Monday, toilet on Tuesday, etc. It’s second nature now, and they rarely even have to think about it.

This only takes a few minutes during our morning chore time right after breakfast and teeth brushed.

I do have carpet in my bathroom (I would like to strangle the genius who came up with that idea), so doing my floor takes a while. I have 4 daughters with long thick hair, along with my own. My bathroom requires “raking” the carpet with a comb before vacuuming. My kids actually call it “combing Mom’s bathroom floor.” Wow does that sound weird!!

With this plan, at least once a day, the sinks are clean and the toilet seat is dry. Those are things that simply can’t be promised later in the day. If you have kids, you know what I mean.

I hope this helps some of you moms with all littles. Sometimes things like cleaning the bathroom can seem practically impossible. Here’s a few tips to make it go even quicker…

  • Keep a container of cleaning wipes under the sink in each bathroom to make the job go quicker.
  • Use the cleaning tabs you drop into the toilet tank to keep it clean longer.
  • Wipe the counter when you finish washing your face or brushing your teeth in the morning.
  • Clean while the kids are in the tub. ( I used to wipe down the walls while the babes were in the tub.)
  • Do a quick pick up of things whenever you go in there during the day.

All of your little motions add up to make the job not so overwhelming! And absolutely, positively put the little hands to work right along with you. A little spray bottle of vinegar and water is perfect for little guys to clean mirrors, faucets, and counters with. And they love to do it!! Add some lemon essential oil in there if you detest the smell of vinegar like a couple of my kids do.

There you have it! Clean bathrooms every single day.

Do you have some bathroom cleaning tips to share? Please do so in the comments!! We Moms need all the tips and tricks we can get!!