Master Bedroom Makeover

Am I the only one who has ever wished for a master bedroom makeover?

Everywhere I looked, I saw unwanted toys, outgrown clothes, worn out shoes, books scattered everywhere, purses, belts, blankets, dolls, papers, luggage, etc., etc., etc.! It seemed like everybody was chanting the same mantra: “If you don’t want it/wear it/ need it/ read it/ fit into it/ like it…PUT IT IN MOM’S ROOM!!”

One day, as I stripped the sheets off of my bed for washing, I decided to clean underneath the bed. I do this twice a year, when I change the seasonal bedding. For several years I had wanted to re-arrange our bedroom, but my husband always said there was no other way it would work. On this particular day I was so discouraged. Our room was so far from being a sanctuary, it was pathetic. But I had no idea where to begin, or what to do with any of it.

Our bedroom housed at the time: a queen sized bed, a triple dresser, a hope chest, a treadmill, a ceiling height bookcase, a smaller bookcase, an antique washstand, a small cabinet, and an antique dressing table with bench. Oh…and about a gazillion books. Give or take. Wow. Even reading that list makes me feel crowded.

My dear husband knew I was feeling really frustrated about the room on this day. And the very next thing I knew, he came to my rescue! At last, he was going to save me from the Room of Gloom!!


Master Bedroom Makeover



He began to measure here and measure there. It didn’t look like there was any way possible to make it all work. And that’s when we decided to get drastic. We’d had a treadmill in our room for a few years, and our daughter or I used it regularly. But I knew that if it was gone, we would have a whole wall freed up. So we hauled it out on to the front porch and I made plans to get rid of it.

The next thing I knew, stuff started getting moved around. And before we were done, we had moved a good bit of furniture OUT of the bedroom and into other rooms in the house. The tall bookcase and hope chest went into the family room. The dressing table went to a daughter’s bedroom. The short bookcase moved to a new wall, and a chair moved in.

My husband had to leave shortly after measuring things to go to work. He said he would help me get everything done when he got back, but I had plenty of willing helpers. So we got busy!!

Here’s a few shots of the process:



                               Our bed had lived between those two windows for over 19 years!!

Master Bedroom Makeover



And here is a peek at the other side of the room; that’s the treadmill to the far left corner.

                                                   It folded up when not in use.



Once we got the treadmill out, that area got vacuumed and cleaned up. Wow, the open space!! Now I began to really get excited. 



But my excitement dimmed when I realized just how much work I had ahead of me. Here’s the other side of the room, once we got the mattress and box springs moved out.





Next up came furniture placement, so I called in the big muscle…my girls!! They helped me figure out what needed to go to other rooms in the house, what could stay, and how it could all work together. I couldn’t have done this project without them.


Master Bedroom Makeover



Want to know what we did with everything while we were moving furniture? Remember all the books that were in that bedroom in those earlier pictures? Well, the poor family room had to be a temporary library. And as usual, things got much worse before they got better. As evidenced by the next two photos…


Master Bedroom Makeover



Master Bedroom Makeover


We continued working all day, getting stuff out of the room and at least getting the bed made so we could sleep that night.

Oh, did I mention that this was on a Tuesday and I was having a bunch of people over on Sunday for a birthday party? HAHA!! Yep. That’s the crazy way I roll.

When bedtime came, we had cleared enough of a path to walk through and to get to the bathroom without breaking an ankle. The family room was still untouched, and overflowing with books, papers, and furniture that didn’t belong in there.


Master Bedroom Makeover


I was super motivated to get the room all finished up before the party. Now there is one thing you need to know about me. I am severely ADD when it comes to projects like this. I love to start them. I never finish them. But this one HAD to be finished. I worked hard every day that week. My helpers were so great, moving stuff around for me, carrying stacks of books, sorting through things. I would never have finished without them. We worked, we vacuumed, we lifted, we moved, we dusted, we arranged and re-arranged.

And when Saturday night rolled around, it looked like this:

I was thrilled to have the chair and my books right beside my bed!!


Master Bedroom Makeover



Yes, there is still a picture waiting to be hung leaning against the wall. I was okay with that.


Master Bedroom Makeover



It has been so wonderful to wake up to such a welcoming room every day! And I love just sitting in my chair, reading or relaxing for a few minutes. Finally, our bedroom is a sanctuary…instead of the household dumping ground.

I read once that the best way to get a room the way you want it is to empty it and start over. That’s exactly what we did here, and it helped me figure out what things I really loved and wanted in our bedroom, and what just needed to move out.

Is your bedroom the household dumping ground? Would you like to change it? What steps would you need to take to take it from disaster to sanctuary?